github commits via email

I’m the old-fashioned type who still likes getting email: I can process it at my leisure while still handling high volume. Unfortunately github itself can’t email you when commits are made to a particular repo (unless you own it and can configure hooks). So I need to resort to the atom feeds, and rss2email:

$ r2e new [email protected]
$ vi .rss2email/
   # set local (sendmail) delivery, disable HTML mail, etc.
$ r2e opmlimport subscriptions.xml
$ declare -f github-commits
github-commits () 
    r2e add $(basename $1) "$1/commits/master.atom"
$ crontab -l | grep r2e
*/10 * * * * r2e run
$ tail -3 .procmailrc 
* User-Agent: rss2email

So every 10 minutes, we’ll get new commits from all the watched repos, and procmail them into a commits folder.

Private repositories

It’s pretty ghetto, but if you look at the source for, you’ll find an Atom link including a token that you can use for getting notifications from private repos. At least you’re not handing it off to a third-party like IFTT with the above approach…