Holocaust deniers

Somewhat unpleasantly, I’m a vague acquaintance of a couple of holocaust deniers (in the sense that I’ve been in the same place as them once or twice). Really weird people:

  1. They always bring it up at parties. Seriously, what? If I were a terrorism expert, I’d tend to keep off the subject at parties, since people might see it as a little sensitive. Even if I was just a huge fan of He-Man or something I’d probably only mention it if we were talking about 1980s kids' TV. Why do they always start talking about it?
  2. It’s never a slight correction. It’s always some ridiculous figure they claim, like “zero” or “thousands”. Surely if the figures are really dubious, they’re not going to be 6 million off? It’s equivalent to claiming that nobody lives in Libya.
  3. They appear to believe in either the most expertly executed hoax of all time, and their only apparent response to this is to moan about it to people they don’t know. How does that make any sense?