My Stuff Of The Year

Yes, it’s a pointless end of year list! In no particular order.
Much of this stuff is by no means new in 2008, but it’s all new to me in 2008.

Sailor Jerry’s

Old news to most by now but the popularity of combining this vanilla-flavoured rum with coke and ice has yet to wane.


Imported via a visit to Helsinki earlier in the year, Fisherman’s Friend Vodka (both its name, and its recipe) took the world* by storm, and continues to delight.

Helsinki Travel Theodolites

Jim Beam’s, Disaronno, Coke, Ice and a slice of lime.

David Thomas Broughton versus 7 Hertz

“Can’t afford a pasty from Gregg’s bakery”. Still loving this album. His singing voice is an acquired taste, but I acquired it. I also admire anyone who doesn’t let their equipment blowing up stop them putting the song onto the CD.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Dig Lazarus Dig

Reminded me that I do actually really like Nick Cave.

Cut Copy - In Colours

Uncomplicated but enjoyable electro. A New Order I like.

Primal Scream - Swastika Eyes (live)

Entire audience hated it, but it was the only good bit in the whole gig. Still think they’re crap.

Trentemoller @ The Big Chill

I knew he’d be astonishing, because all his productions, and all his remixes, are astonishing. He was.

Leonard Cohen @ The Big Chill

The world is thanking his bent accountant for this tour.

There Will Be Blood

It’s not exactly a stretch for me to like a Paul Anderson film, but still…


To my shame, I saw the film before the book, but I thought both were brilliant. Yes, even Keira Knightley.

No Country For Old Men

I was expecting to be bored crapless by this but was mesmerised instead.

The Shield Season 7

This final season knocked this back up to seriously rival The Wire for best thing ever. The entire season exulted in reminding you that Vic Mackey was a truly horrible person.

Sons Of Anarchy

A drama about gun-running Californian bikers sounds dumb, but this was brilliantly done. For some reason I kept being reminded of Cher though - that is never good.


Very, very, good restaurant 2 minutes from my flat == yay.

Try Thai

Very good value, with excellent battered scallops, in Chinatown (if you can call a single square a town (which you can’t, Manchester - sorry)).

The Deaf Institute

Well done for opening, Trof 3!

Sam Smith’s Organic Ale

I drank way too much of this.

Allgates Shining Light

And nowhere near enough of this.