Jun 15, 2004
A comment on IRC:

so, is the whole thing a place for employees to vent their inevitable frustrations, but in a place where absolutely no one will ever see them and thus they can't cause any damage whatever?

How very perceptive :)

Roller seems to be a bit of a PITA. There's no trivial way to preview a post, for one. You have to save a draft, then "Edit" the draft, then post it properly. Seems rather a silly way of doing things.

There's your Linux desktop

Jun 15, 2004
Micah Abbott complains that there isn't an internal push for people to use JDS/Linux on their desktops. I suppose they missed the "JDS challenge", an effort to install JDS as much as possible. Also ISTR there have been a few JDS install-fests.

Micah: the date/time bug has long since been fixed (it's bug 4852615). And I'm afraid that Mozilla is no less crash-prone on Linux than it is on Solaris (believe me...).

Linux is great but I'm not sure how you reached the conclusion you needed it based on a fixed bug, one that hasn't anything to do with Solaris, and having an ancient machine :)

Alas, poor Advo...

Jun 7, 2004
Since it seems that Advogato is down, with no signs of it returning, and my current hosting isn't suitable, I'll probably end up blogging here (translation: unimportant rant every three months).