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X MultiMedia System

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Redhat 8/9 RPMs with mp3 support
Reason one why there is no rush to fix this site...
09:19 -!- Zippendal [] has joined #xmms
09:20 < Zippendal> I need help with xmms, when i choose a song and then when i hit that
                   play button that goes tilt, how i can fix it? (i am using gentoo linux)
10:14 < zinx> what?
10:17 < Zippendal> hmm
10:18 < Zippendal> when i choose a song and hit "play" button it goes tilt
10:19 <@[Peter]> you probably have a sucky output-plugin
10:19 < Zippendal> mayby
10:19 <@[Peter]> which one do you use then?
10:20 < Zippendal> dildo
10:20 < Zippendal> i have solution that problem
10:44 -!- Zippendal [] has quit ["Client exiting"]

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Base Distribution:

XMMS 1.2.7 Source:
  • XMMS 1.2.7 (tar.gz): (http / ftp)
  • XMMS 1.2.7 (tar.bz2): (http / ftp)

Mirrors / Older versions:
XMMS for Redhat 6.x: XMMS for Redhat 7.x: If you plan to compile plugins for XMMS RPM installations, you need the XMMS devel package installed.
RedHat Plugin Packages: (1.2.7)

Redhat 6.x: Redhat 7.x: Requirements:

Contributed binaries: Information:
  • Other stuff like Alsa, Arts, Aix output plugins and others can be found here

  • For installation help please browse to the install page and also have a look at Frequently Asked Questions page

  • CVS tarball and RPM's can be found at falsehope

  • For instructions on how to get XMMS from CVS, look at the CVS page

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