Chairs Halfway Up Walls

I've got a frankly unexplainable interest in chairs halfway up walls. This is a page about them.

For me, the classic archetype of how to do chairs halfway up walls is the UK video to "Live Forever" by Oasis. In the video, Liam spends a significant amount of time perched on a chair placed halfway up the outside wall of a cottage. And it's a top song too.

I haven't seen much other cultural references to this topic. The Truth About Cats and Dogs has one small scene featuring a chair mounted on to a wall, but it's clearly too small for actual use, and isn't affixed solidly enough.


Some pictures.

Not high enough.
A good one but it's really cheating.
Another impressive cheat.
This is just sick as far as I'm concerned.
More cheating.
An old chair, but it's fairly clearly not for sitting in.
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