Dubious humour

Funny-haha and funny-peculiar.

Playground Law
Life at its rawest, and funniest.
TV Go Home
I like bad TV. That makes this very funny.
Disturbing Search Requests
Who the hell let these people near a computer ?
Disturbing Auctions
It was inevitable.
Think of the Children
The product of a nation that hounded a paediatrician.
The Story About the Baby
How I learnt the word "meconium".
Black People Love Us
I wish all of the US was like this.
I am better than your kids
Is there an easier target than children's drawings ? No.
All about beards
Women and Dogs
This is pictures. Of women and dogs. This is far superior to that dogs in cars crap.
The Felchspoon
Chris Morris is sick in the best way possible.
The Mary Whitehouse Experience scripts
Now this takes me back. In a good way, in a good way.
If this isn't what the internet was invented for, it was invented wrong. [partly Flash]
John Fanzine
Improbably indescribable. [partly Flash]
The more sensitive you are, the more likely you are to be brutalised, develop scabs, never evolve. Never allow yourself to feel anything, because you always feel too much. - Marlon Brando