Articles and research papers

[shende] Profiling and Tracing in Linux. Sameer Shende.

[linuxjournal] Take control: gprof, bprof and Time Profilers. Andy Vaught. 1998-05-01.

[profileme] FIXME.

[monitor] Using Hardware Performance Counters to Isolate Memory Bottlenecks . Bryan Buck and Jeffrey Hollingsworth.

Manuals and documentation

[gprof] gprof(1).

[gcc] gcc(1).

[gcc-internal] GCC Internals.

[ia64] IA-64 Linux Kernel: Design and Implementation. David Mosberger, Stephane Eranian, and Bruce Perens. 0-13-061014-3. Prentice Hall2002-30-01.

Linux software

[kernprof] Kernprof.

[oprofile] OProfile.

[kip] KIP.

[timepegs] Timepegs .

[dprobes] Dynamic probes.

[schedlat] Schedlat.

[preemptstats] Pre-empt statistics.

[intlat] Intlat.

[lockmeter] SGI Lockmeter.

[sar] SAR patches.

[reqlog] Reqlog.

[cacheinfo] Cacheinfo.

[mct] MCT.

[strongarm] StrongARM profiler.

[kerneltop] Kerneltop.

[profileviewer] ProfileViewer.

[kprof] KProf.

[cgprof] cgprof.

[perfctr] Perfctr.

[cacheprof] Cacheprof.

[valgrind] Valgrind.

[fireprofiler] FireProfiler.

[vprof] VProf.

[functioncheck] FunctionCheck.

[] HRProf.

[jiti86] JitI86.

[tau] TAU.

[tsprof] tsprof.

[Paderborn sprof] sproftool.

[kylix] ProKylix.

[optimizeit] OptimizeIt suite.

[javaprofilingtool] Java Profiling Tool.

[xdprof] xdProf.

[sourcetracer] SourceTracer.

[jperfanal] JPerfAnal.

[jmp] JMP.

[jlouiss] jLouiss.

[califa] Califa.

[lispdebug] Lisp Debug.

[pyprof] PyProf.

Related links

[tpop] The Practise of Programming. Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike. Addison-Wesley, Inc.1999. 0-201-61586-X.