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Documentation and rants

I've written some things. A little bit of that is here.

Spaces considered harmful

Please don't use spacing for indentation in source code.

Profiling on Linux HOWTO

Long unfinished HOWTO. I am lazy for not finishing it. XML source

The A,B of GCC tree hacking

I wrote this when I made a small patch to GCC to add a warning. XML source

Using the GNU Autotools with DocBook XML and xsltproc

A short description of setting up a DocBook XML source file with a package under the control of autoconf and automake. XML source

The Linux manpages

The Linux manpages are still actively maintained. I've contributed quite a few changes, and look after the Freshmeat entry.

I'm dismayed whenever libertarianism and programming are associated; in my mind, it is as nebulous as associating people who write books as communists or those who read newspapers as capitalists. - Graydon Hoare